Signs of The “End-Times”

Signs of the Times

The signs of the time are all around us. Most Christians have no idea that they are commanded to look for our Lord’s coming. “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come” (Mat 24:42).

The Bible promises a reward to all people who remain watchful for Jesus’ return. “Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing” (2 Tim 4:8)

Jerusalem – Click HERE for more on the Biblical significance of this ancient city!

Israel’s Dominant Role
One of the greatest signs of God’s existence is the State of Israel. This nation is the size of New Jersey, yet it remains constantly in the news. If you have any doubt about the significance of Israel dominance of the news coverage, just ask yourself, when is the last time you remember the country of Belize grabbing a few headlines?

Middle East

Arab Nations
The same day Israel was founded, the Arab world sought her destruction. Someday, most of Israel’s neighbors will join forces with Russia to attack from the north. (Ezk 38-39)

The Pope

False Prophets

Global Economics
Economic unrest has always been one of the greatest catalysts for the progress of Bible prophecy. A number of major wars and dictatorships were born out of economic hardship. One day, the Antichrist will unite the world’s economies, and a recession of international scope might be what greatly aids the beast in achieving global dominance.

The spiritual state of a nation is very difficult to measure. Quite often, the people doing the observing are desensitized to the corruption forming around them. A growing number of people have made pleasure-seeking their top priority.

Sodom Revisited

Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Contamination

Chemical & Biological Weapons
Called the poor man’s atomic bomb, chemical and biological weapons have not been used in a major conflict since World War I. The weapons that are now being produced and stock piled are far more deadly than the ones used in the “war to end all wars.”

Big Brother

Knowledge Increasing


When God exercised His first judgment on the earth, He used a flood. God promised to never again destroy the world with a flood. It doesn’t mean He won’t use regional flooding to manifest His wrath on the sins of mankind.

The most violent winds on earth are those found in the phenomenon called a tornado. Winds can reach a top speed of 300 mph, and the path of these funnel shaped columns can stretch for miles. Tornadoes are seen as general indications of end time wrath.




The Revived Roman Emprire
The Bible proclaimed, clearly, that someday the Roman Empire would return as a global power. The Book of Daniel tells us that there will be four world powers of gold, silver, brass, and iron. The fourth empire would have a second stage where it would become iron mixed with clay. The European Union certainly fits the bill as being the reunited Roman Empire. Although it is the weakest of all of the world governments it will serve the Antichrist well. In the end, the EU’s only purpose will be to give power to the Beast.

The Gospel Preached

In an effort to share what I BELIEVE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT, I am sharing posts, articles, and info from fellow believers. While the above may seem small in content, it makes up for in TRUTH! I will (if time permits) be making pages for each specific topic above to dig a little deeper in all of these signs that paint a very clear picture of where we are as a generation, according to the Bible! I can safely assure you we are in the final moment of human history, and just before the rapture of the beloved unto our Lord Jesus Christ! Please prayerfully consider what you have read here today, and make sure you are ready for your personal eternity after this life. For help, or more info, please go to our contact page! May The LORD richly bless you, and every person in your family is our prayers for you all! MLA Freddy

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